Front Office Implementations

Our expertise lies in integrating, installing and commissioning information & communication technology (ICT) for real-time or mission critical systems.

With a background of providing services to the wholesale finance community we are aware of the implications that a failure during installation or delay in use of the product can deliver.

Useful links to suppliers, manufacturers and maintainers of dealerboards, voice recording, call logging and Voice solutions for use in the Front Office/ Trading Room Environment.

Dealing Turret Systems

Communication Solutions

Voice Recording Solutions

Hoot & Holler IP Solutions

Speaker Solutions

Call Logging

Second User Front Office Systems

Our Synopsis pages will gives more details on the suppliers services.

Dealerboard Systems

Suppliers and manufacturers of voice dealerboards for use in the front office.

Etrali ; Synopsis of Etrali; Etrali overview

IPC Synopsis of IPC; IPC overview

Syntegra Synopsis of Syntegra; Syntegra overview

Communication Solutions

Suppliers and manufacturers of business wide communication solutions.

Nortel Networks Synopsis of Nortel Networks; Nortel overview

Second User Front Office Systems

Suppliers of second-hand and refurbished dealerboards, call logging or voice recording systems either complete systems or individual items

AVT Synopsis of AVT Systems; AVT overview

With experience of managing and working with any of the suppliers listed above our consultants can quickly and efficiently help deliver a quality implementation.