Dealerboard & Front Office

Dealerboard and Front Office Support Services offered

Provision or management of :

· Dedicated on-site support of Trading System.

· Dedicated on-site support of Nortel/Avaya PABXs.

· Dedicated system management personnel to manage trading system requests. (i.e. speed dials, console configuration, line access etc.)

· Dedicated Voice Recording expert to deal with playback requests and maintain the voice recording system

· Moves, adds and changes.

· Management reports on trading system status on weekly/monthly basis showing faults reported, fixed, time to repair, bugs escalated, outstanding.

· Routine preventative maintenance.

· Management of on-site spares and maintenance exchange process with manufacturer.

· Project planning consultancy for major change programs

· Central Helpdesk for voice trading issues.

· Proactive management of system – developing traders requirements, enhancing system functionality.

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