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Database Driven Web Solutions

There are many ways of delivering content for your web pages, with a database back end solution it is possible to ensure your web pages are dynamic, interactive and deliver up to date information at a lower cost than having to update static pages.

Using a database can significantly reduce costs for your web presence where a single page with a database back end can deliver hundreds or thousands of different pages that would otherwise need to be developed and maintained using static html pages.

Responding to changes in products or content can also be carried out significantly quicker with a single change on the database being reflected in all pages once the transaction is committed in the database.

The cost to implement a database back end need not be expensive either depending upon your target market and its potential size you could implement a database solution using MS Access or MySQL database which are very powerful and relatively low cost.

As way of example the web site we developed Anniversary Ideas is currently running with a MS Access database and MS SQL 2008 back end and using two files delivers over 1600 pages of different content which in turn generates tens of thousands of links for customers visiting the site, all of which are relevant to their specific needs.

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